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Learn about Cedar Fair's Corporate Partnerships & Product Promotion Options

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Creating Unlimited Brand Opportunities and Community Connections

Our corporate and community partnerships are as carefully engineered as our world-class roller coasters. Whether your brand would be best shared via sponsorship, through our FUN TV network or in park activation, Cedar Fair properties can deliver 27 million guests and 70 million fans on social media each year. Innovative partnerships with public and private sectors and a diverse number of organizations continue to be at the core of Cedar Fair’s mission. Through these efforts we take FUN outside our parks to enrich the lives of those in our communities.

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When Brands Intersect with Fun: Case Studies in Partnership Success

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Community Partnerships Benefit All Stakeholders.

Fun doesn’t just happen. It takes a consortia of stakeholders dedicated to working together on shared visions to achieve shared success. We are proud to be affiliated with the communities in which we do business and work hard to make them proud, too.

Building Future Leaders

Building Future Leaders

Partnering with Bowling Green State University, Cedar Fair has created a Bachelor of Science degree in Resort and Attraction Management (RAAM) that converges classroom learning with hands-on park experience to better prepare and grow the future leaders of the amusement park, resorts and hospitality industry.

Partners with the Community

The communities we call home stretch from coast to coast, as far north as Canada and south to Texas. They are also home to some of our most loyal customers, our valued employees, and the infrastructure that allows us to deliver fun. Only by working to strengthen them can we strengthen as a company.

Respecting the Environment

For the fun to last, its operations must be sustainable. That’s why we recycle oil and many solid materials, from scrap metal to cardboard. We’ve almost eliminated straws—which are hard to recycle—and have replaced paper towels with hand dryers in bathrooms. Even our tickets are going digital to reduce paper usage.

Connecting through Charity

Cedar Fair Charities Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life across all our communities by making a positive impact on families and children through partnerships with national organizations.  If you are interested in receiving a ticket donation from an individual park, please check that park’s website for information.

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