13 parks.

One mission: Fun for all.

Few companies are the purveyors of fun that we are. That’s because we have a management team with 185 years of industry knowledge. A team with proven track records and an eye on our long-term success. An expert staff dedicated to the guest experience. And a legacy of award-winning, record-breaking rides.

One team of executives.
Two centuries of fun expertise.

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Fun. We take it seriously.

Our vision is to create fun that’s larger than life, producing
enduring family and social connections.

 Our mission is to become “the place to be for fun” by providing
premier regional entertainment of breadth and scale.

Our Manifesto:

Few companies’ quarterly goals are about how many
stomachs they can drop.

 Or having to fulfill monthly quotas of pounding hearts.

 Or making sure year-over-year shrieks are climbing.

 And rarely are so many pie charts dedicated to funnel cake.

 But that's what we do at Cedar Fair. And we take it seriously.

 Every day we roll up our sleeves and figure out how our
fun, can be more fun.

 How our live shows can keep families singing.

 And how our water parks' slides will get every member of the
family yelling for mommy. Including mommy.

 If we’re not producing butterflies in your stomach,
we’re not doing our jobs.

 We don’t take our fun lightly. And it shows at all our parks.
At every scream-inducing, mind-bending turn.

Because fun that brings this many people together is its own ROI.