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Welcoming Guests to Have Fun – Safely

We want all of our guests to have fun at Cedar Fair parks and feel safe when visiting, so we’ve developed extensive reopening plans – new processes and enhanced procedures throughout the parks to help reduce the spread of germs. We’re all in this together and by working together we can safely and confidently enjoy the thrills and fun that only Cedar Fair can deliver.

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Scheduling Your Visit
Many of our parks will require reservations or advance tickets. Please check each park’s website for more information.

Mobile App Recommended
At least one member of each party should carry the mobile app with location services turned on for in-park wayfinding.

Face Coverings
Rules for face coverings at our parks differ by jurisdiction. Please check each park’s website for more information prior to visiting.

Health Screenings
Guests and associates will be required to answer health screening questions prior to entering the park.

Hand Sanitization
Hand sanitization stations are available throughout our parks.

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We asked Dr. Keith Armitage, a leading infectious disease expert and vice chairman of education at UH Cleveland Medical Center, to share his thoughts on the pandemic and the comprehensive protocols in place at our parks to keep guests and associates safe. Read excerpts from our Q&A.